Where Can I Buy Peacock And Peahens? I'm Also In Need Of Any And All Info About Them.


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There are a huge range of breeds of peacock, so you should first decide on which breed you want to buy. The most common breed is the India blue peacock, which is also the easiest to care for. If you have any local sellers, then you should buy your peafowl there. Obviously, shipping and handling for birds is expensive which is the main disadvantage from buying on the internet. You should aim to buy your birds in mild temperatures, as transporting them in very hot or cold temperatures is dangerous. Wild peafowl have an omnivorous diet; they typically eat small animals, vegetation and insects.  Hobbyists will typically feed their peafowl on grain such as corn and oats. Be sure to have a suitable home prepared for your peafowl. You'll need large pens or a sheltered area for them to stay in.

You can find out more here: cacklehatchery.com/gamebirdpage.html#peafowl
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Peacocks and peahens are beautiful pets and there are many people who like to keep peacocks and peahens because they are beautiful birds. There are some websites which sells peacocks and peahens you can check at this website at:

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