How Does A Beaver Build Its Home?


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The houses that beavers reside in are built by themselves and are referred to as lodges. From its name, it is patently overt that the houses of beavers are made of wood that is obtained from tree trunks. Their homes, or more precisely, their lodges are dome-shaped and has a very high altitude of almost about six feet, that estimates to around 2 meters. The house is made up of sticks that are glued and plastered together with the thick paste of mud. On some instances, some beavers tend to burrow themselves into the banks of the pool to build their house. The lodges that beavers live in consist of two chambers. One of the chambers is reserved for living, consisting of an air hole that is for the purpose of ventilation. As for the second chamber, it is meant to hold and store food.

If there is an absence of a pool, which the beaver could build its house in, then the animal constructs it itself. This feat is accomplished by damming the stream. The dam is built with the help of logs, the space between which is filled with stones and thick mud.

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