What Special Adaptations Do Owls Have In Order To Hunt At Night?


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The foremost adaptation owls have developed to hunt at night is extremely acute eyesight. Their eyes are sunk in shallow dishes, which serve to collect and intensify light. The proportion of an owl's skull and brain devoted to its eyes is much larger than that of other bird families.
Owls' eyes are on the front of their heads, with the two fields of vision overlapping entirely. To compensate, the birds can turn their heads completely backward.
Since owls locate their prey by very faint sounds that may be obscured by the rustling of wings, they have developed very soft feathers on their wings, legs, and bodies to muffle the sound.
Owls also rely heavily on their extremely acute hearing. They have very large (feather-covered) ear openings and cochleas, and one ear is higher than the other, so that by turning its head to make a sound's intensity equal, the bird homes in on the sound and faces it directly. It then can zero in on the kill.
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Owls have night vision in there eyes so they can see in the dark and they have very light feathers so they can not be heard by the prey.
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Owls have a special edge on it's feathers. It gets rid of the 'whuff-whuff'
sound that you can hear when a bird flys near you. The edges are fluffed
up, to dampen wind noise, so the owl flies silently. Owls also have very large
eyes in order to collect and concentrate any light there may be. In fact,
the eyes are so large that there is no room left for the muscles that would
move an eye up, down or side-to-side. In view of this, the owl has to turn
it's whole head to look around.
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Owls have zygodactyl feet which means 2 toes in the front, two twos in the back so they can get a good grip on their pray before flying and taking their food to their nest.
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Well, certain owls have certain adaptations as well.

For ex. Barn Owls have special feathers that allow them to fly silently, and they also have much better hearing then most other owls.

And Burrowing Owls are extremely adept at hunting on the ground, as well as making burrows. They can't fly as well as other others, but they can still fly. ;)
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They have good eye sight so they can see their prey and they have wings to fly after the prey and camouflage into the tree at night and day.  =P
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They have special night vision so they can hunt at ight. They also smell like **** so they attract animals.

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