How Do You Make A Dovecote?


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Plans for dovecote please
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A dovecote or as it is alternatively called, a dovecot is basically a structure which is created as a dwelling for pigeons and doves, which used to be a prominent food source, historically. In certain cultures, mainly in medieval Europe, having a dovecote was a sign of prestige and influence and was subsequently regulated through legal means. This unique concession was usually granted to noblemen. One generally kept the birds for their eggs as well as their meat. Dovecotes can be square or circular and usually comprise of pigeonholes at the spots where the birds nest.

In French, a dovecote is referred to as a pigeonnier or colombier. In particular French regions, mainly Normandy, the dovecotes were made out of wood and were given a stylistic design. They also used to be made out of stone.

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