What Kind Of Snake That Is Black With A Green Belly?


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From the description of the snake's color alone, it is difficult to say what type of snake you are referring to. A number of other factors would be useful in identifying the snake, such as where you live, the way the snake moves, its length and circumference, and any distinctive patterns or markings on the snake's skin.

If you have spotted this snake in your house, garden, pool or pond, the safest thing to do is to leave it alone. As it is difficult to identify what type of snake you are dealing with, it is also unsure whether or not the snake will be venomous. While most wild snakes in America are not venomous, there is a chance that the snake you have encountered could be of a danger to you, so please avoid the snake if possible.

However, if you are desperate to move the snake, for example from your house to your garden, or from your garden to another location, you should take a number of precautions. If you have some, wear thick gloves, made from a material such as leather, just in case the snake does bite you. Start by laying a garbage can on its side and guide the snake into the garbage can using a long handled household broom. Once the snake is inside the garbage can, you should put on the lid, keeping your hands outside the garbage can at all times. Once the lid is on the garbage can, you can safely move it around and transport the snake within it. To release the snake, simply lie the garbage can down again, facing away from you, and remove the lid.

Please do not try to kill the snake. After death, many snakes' reflexes continue to work, causing the snake to move slowly as though it were still alive. These reflexes can also cause the snake to bite if it is prodded or touched, so please avoid doing so.
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In order to really tell what kind of snake it is we need more information, just the colors doesn't help much, because there are a lot of different colors just one type of snake can be, also length and head shape is there a pattern. Any thing else you can tell about it would help out a lot. Also knowing where it is you live can eliminate some snakes. A picture would be the best thing.

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