What Do You Know About White Peacock And Peahens?


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White peacocks are the most popular peacock's type. Opposing to famous faith, white peacock eyes are not pink they are blue.

• Category of mutation: The white peacock is a color mutation and even though it can hold other genes for instance the white-eyed and black shoulder. But this is not visible as they are completely white in color.
• Peacock: Males are totally white in color. They have pale eyespots which is notable by a slight coating of fawn that surrounds the Ocelli. The real eyes of the peacock are blue.
• Peahen: peahens are totally white and they have blue eyes.
• Peachick: In the first stage of hatching; the baby bird color is yellow having white wings. White baby birds are tough to categorize as both male and female look similar until they reach the age of two when the male will developed delicate tail, since the bird does not change color a lot in its life span. Chicks born at the same time can occasionally be gender by the length of their legs because males often have longer legs as compare to females.
• Origin: It is considered that there might be few white peacocks and peahens breed found in India.

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