I Need To Know Birth Month's Bird, All Month's And Their Birds?


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This question makes little sense, but we'll assume that it is a general inquiry about the birth and date of birth for birds. Unless they are bred for racing purposes or in captivity no records are kept for the birth of birds.

  • How long does a bird live for?

Stories of older birds will occasionally surface in the media, but in general most birds will have a lifespan of less than seven years depending on various conditions.

Many birds will survive less than a year, such are the pitfalls that they now encounter. Birds that live naturally out in the wild can expect to have a significantly longer lifespan whilst 'city' birds such as crows, pigeons and seagulls may only live for a year or two due to the more competitive environment that they are living in.

In a built up area there are much more threats to the life of a bird; coming principally from pollution - having to live close to industrial areas or using streams and rivers that are contaminated has a drastic impact on the life expectancy of a bird.

Birds that survive into their second year in industrial areas are a rarity, with very few surviving through the chills of winter unless they migrate to warmer areas, which has its own risks.

  • How old can a bird get?

It's not uncommon for a bird like a golden eagle to live into its twenties, other birds in zoos can survive just as long with a cockatoo at London Zoo surviving 80 years until its death in 1982.

It has only been in recent times that the age of birds can be monitored through tagging, or ringing as it's known in the case of birds. Keeping tabs on the birds allows their progress to be monitored, but accurate information is hard to come by with precise ages virtually impossible to collate.
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I need to know birth months bird all months and their birds

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