How Do Whales Give Birth To Babies?


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Every type of whale has slightly different calving traits.  There are some common characteristics, however. Female whales may have several different partners during the mating season. They usually give birth for the first time at around seven to ten years old. They give birth to one calf at a time.

Like humans, whale offspring have an umbilical chord which snaps after birth. Whales are known to be born either head or tail first. Most often they are born tail first, which is ideal because there is less likelihood of drowning.  

Mother whales nurse their calves. The mother's milk is the soul nourishment until the calf's teeth appear. It is extremely high in fat in order that the calf can develop a layer of protective blubber. Whale milk is said to have a consistency like cottage cheese.

Baby calves swim immediately and learn how to behave by watching their mothers.

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