Do All Birds Make Their Nests In Trees?


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No, most birds make their nests in trees, high up above predators, but not all do. the cuckoo for example, does not make any nest at all and simply lays its eggs in other nests.
Bank swallows actually make their nest by digging into sandy banks. They do this by clinging onto a rock or some tree roots and then scrape out the dirt. The end result is a large hollow which can be about one metre (just over three feet long) and usually has a curved 'ceiling'.
The kingfisher, shelduck and sand martin all dig quite long tunnels and then deposit their eggs in the back of them.
Curlews tend to make their nests realtively in the open, disguised only by the natural fauna around the nest, so that the eggs and nest are not easily visible.
Puffins, gulls and other sea birds make their nests on inhospitable cliffs, so that the risk of predators is low and due to the numbers of nesting birds, safety is maximised.
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No, birds that cannot fly cannot make their nests in trees, not without a ladder anyway.

Birds also make their nests in cliffs, mountains,  bushes and ivy to name a few.

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Birds used to build nests in the eaves of the building where I once worked.  I loved watching them.

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No.The cuckoo birds usually don't make any nests.its lay egg on other nests like crow.but bulbul bird,tailoring bird,weaver,wood pecker makes nests.The wood pecker makes nest on bushes on the branches of the trees.most of the birds make nests.

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Pigeons and killdeer make their nests on the ground, as do a few other birds, even though they can fly. But all flightless birds make their nest on the ground.

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What kind of small bird sleeps for a year on my porch where a swing used to hang up in the top

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