What Is The Slowest Animal On The Planet?


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Native to Central and South America, the sloth is the slowest animal on the planet.  Sloths move extremely slowly and only when it is necessary.  

Although generally found, with the help of long claws, hanging upside down from branches, sloths will occasionally make a trip down to the ground.  Once on ground the sloth, generally, moves at 0.5 to 1 foot per minute with their maximum speed being at 5 feet per minute.  

Although sloths sometimes eat small insects and lizards, the sloth mainly eats vegetation and is considered an omnivore.  Most at home in tropical rainforests, sloths are now having to adapt to city living with the ever growing urban areas.  In rainforests sloths spend most of their lives hanging from tree branches and even dying in tree branches.  

Sloths have been found dead still hanging from the branches. However, with more sloths now venturing into urban areas, these slow creatures are now facing higher death rates and the Maned Three-toed Sloth is now been placed on the 'endangered species' list.
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I think it might be a common garden slug perhaps you should go to your GP and ask him/her!
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With my knowledge also sloth is the slowest animal on earth.I have seen full information about this in one animal tv show also
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Probably A Snail.
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That would be the three toed Sloth. It sleep's 18 to 20 hours a day . And it is even in the Guinness book of record's .
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Depends how you define 'animal.' if you're going by anything in the kingdom 'animalia' (, then the answer might end up being something like the sponges or any of the microscopic organisms that spend their lives moving very little.

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