What Causes Whitetail Deer Fawns To Have Diarrhea?


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Whitetail deer suffer from viruses, poisoning and other illnesses, just like other animals do. Often, the main cause of diarrhea in animals is the fact that they ate something that was bad for them. For example, dogs may eat frogs or other small creatures that make them quite sick - gastrointestinal distress follows, and this include diarrhea.

In whitetail deer fawns, who can be quite delicate, this symptom may signal the presence of some type of poisoning (whether mild or serious), or perhaps a virus. If you're rearing a young fawn, and feeding it on milk, you must be certain that your hygiene practices are excellent. Any bacteria from poorly-prepared milk may harm the deer and cause her gastrointestinal distress.

• If a deer lives in a rearing area at your residence, it must be kept very clean to protect the health of the animal. Any excrement, urine, or old food will provide a perfect environment for harmful bacteria to breed. This sort of bacteria can make a whitetail deer fawn very sick, so it's vital that their rearing environment is properly maintained.

• Sometimes, feeding a deer with electrolyte solution can ease their symptoms and discomfort. Since diarrhoea is often linked with dehydration, it's important that the animal receive the proper mineral salts and hydration it needs to recover. Of course, if an animal remains sick for more than a couple of days, it may be quite serious, and a visit to a vet may be in order.

Signs of serious health problems in whitetail deer fawns include a lethargic attitude, excessive sleepiness or agitation. A deer needs proper care in order to recover from illnesses such as gastrointestinal problems; clearly, a veterinarian who regularly treats deer will be the best possible choice for a proper diagnosis and course of treatment for your animal.

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