What Causes You To Have Bright Yellow Diarrhea A Lot? I Was Throwing It Up A Lot But I Had My Gallbladder Removed. But Now I Am Passing Watery Yellow Diarrhea A Lot. What Is Causing It? I Thought It Would Stop Once My Gallbladder Was Removed


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Have you looked at your diet lately?  Do you eat a lot of bread?  Bleached flour?

If you haven't, try eliminating wheat products from your diet.  I did this and felt much better.  And since I love my bread, I started adding different things to see how I am affected.   I have found that by eliminating bleached flour from my diet, I am 100% better and above issues are resolved.  We bought a bread maker and I make all of our bread and pizza dough at home with whole wheat and unbleached white flour.

Try looking up some info on Celiacs Disease.  I am not a celiac, but it gave me a lot of insight into my symptoms (like yours).  It really is a mis-diagnosed problem that people take for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and bloating and is usually treated with pharmaceuticals.  What is really happening is your body is having a hard time breaking down gluten and can eventually cause you severe intestinal problems and then death and all you have to do is change your diet.

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