How Does Mealworm Beetles Look Like?


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The beetle state of a mealworm is the final stage in its life. Mealworms start out in larvae form, go through metamorphosis as a pupa, and end up as a beetle.  The average mealworm beetle is around 2 centimetres long.  The larvae form is actually longer than the beetle. These beetles are insects; therefore they have six legs, antennae, and a segmented body. Their colours range from tan to black. Most mealworm beetles are black. These insects have oval-shaped bodies that curve into a point at their backside. Their legs have three segments, and they are abrasive toward the bottom. Their bodies have vertical striations along the back. Their head is almost bell-shaped, and their entire body is concave. The lowest point in their body is the head. Their body expands upward from the head, and then back down at the backside in an ellipse-shape.  These bugs may look scary or malicious, but they are completely harmless. The only problem they might cause is eating your food that you leave around your house.

Mealworms and mealworm beetles actually have uses. The mealworms can be eaten, and they are very high in protein. Most people in Western society won’t eat mealworms, but they are commonly eaten in some Asian countries. The beetles are also safe for eating, but are not considered to be as tasty as the worms.  The beetle’s texture is also off-putting to some people. Mealworms and mealworm beetles are a good source of food for pets. If you have a reptile or amphibian, consider breeding mealworms in order to have an infinite food source. This has the potential to save you money on pet food, but be aware that the worms and beetle need to eat as well. If the breeding gets out of control, you could end up with too many mouths to feed.

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