Do Anacondas Bite?


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The anaconda will bite ~ it will bit its prey to immobilize it but only as a short term measure to allow it to get into position to wrap its huge bulk around the prey to squeeze it to death. People have been bitten by anacondas and have lived because the bite is not poisonous; the snake carries no venom.
The anaconda does not use its teeth for biting or chewing its food either. Once it has caught its prey it crushes it and holds onto it, ready for the last movements. Then, like many snakes, the anaconda has a revolting trick. It unhinges its jaw bones so that it can open its mouth extremely wide. This is how an anaconda can swallow something as large as a small jaguar cat. After the huge swallow, the snake hinges its jaw back again and slopes off somewhere quiet to digest its huge lump of unchewed food.

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No, they are very friendly, mine sleeps with my dog and cat, and me sometimes, they are sooo cute.
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If something has teeth or fangs you better believe it is capable of biting

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