My Hamster Is Pure White With Red Eyes. Is It Rare?


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No, albino hamsters are quite common.
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Sorry, but your hamster is not rare.It is just an albino hamster.This can happen with cats and humans to,but if you want more information you could go to google and type in''albino hamsters.Hope thats enough information for you!
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No, it is an albino hamster. Cats are the same way, almost all pure white animals with red eyes are more than likely albino animals. You could look on and type in ''albino hamsters'' and it will give you information. Hope this answers your question :)
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Not exactly, at Pet Land they have cream and white and they all have red and black eyes, but mostly in different tones of light, I have 2 hamsters, one a black bear, and one a cream white, but the black bear has bulging black eyes, and the cream hamster has a red and black going on, it's not rare at all, sorry!
Enjoy you're hamster!
Love it care for it! NO CATS ALOUD!
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Well I am not sure if it is rare but it may be a albino hamster I had a albino rabbit pure white with red eyes

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