Where Can You Find Information About Rare Breeds Of Sheep In The UK?


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The best place to find information about rare sheep breeds in the UK is at the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) website, a national association which keeps track of livestock breeds and conduct research, for example the study of genetics of diverse breeds, which are classified as rare. There are about 70 rare sheep breeds in the UK at present and the RBST ensures that their numbers do not dwindle further. It was recently in the news when it protested over the indiscriminate killing of livestock after the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in the areas which were distant from the infected ones and which could severely endanger the rare breed population levels.

Another place to find information would be the National Sheep Association which promotes the interests of the sheep industry and keeps tabs on all sheep breeds in the UK.
Besides there are a number of parks which house rare livestock breeds like the Oban Rare Breeds Farm Park situated in Scotland and also the British Coloured Sheep Breeders Association which is concerned mainly with the wool industry.

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