How Are Animals Classified As Rare Or Endangered?


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If people start to not see the animal a lot they may start telling people and then we will classify if the animal is endangered and if there is very low of the specific one in that region they will be known as rare.
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The term endangered in relation to an animal means that the number of animals of that species has dwindled to a very low number world wide and if steps are not taken to conserve its numbers it would become extinct; endangered animals are protected in various countries. Animals become endangered due to a number of reasons but the major ones are due to human activities; direct and indirect.

The term rare is often used as a general term to describe animals that are rare in one region; the term is also used to describe those animals that have been successfully conserved to the effect that their numbers have risen significantly in the wild but not to the desired level and could require further surveillance. In some countries like the United States a color coding system is used to classify animals according to their numbers. A number of animals like the rhinoceros, the gorilla, the big cats like the lion and the tiger, the giant panda, various species of deer have become endangered in recent times. Many government funded associations and non profit organizations like animal charity have undertaken conservation projects to make people aware of the loss of their natural heritage.
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Once there isn't many of that animal left, they can then classify that to be endangered or rare.

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