How Much Does A Miniature Schnauzer Typically Cost?


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Mary Tucker answered
Usually around $300.   More, if you want one with dog-show qualities or dog-show parents.  Make sure you get one from a good breeder.  We paid $300 for ours and she is the Love of our Lives. They are wonderful dogs !  Easy to train, loving, lap dogs, very smart, and funny - they make you laugh with their actions , and a bonus that they don't shed. They have hair  like we do, not fur so most people who are allergic to dogs CAN be around schnauzers. -- but they hate to be in water, rain, etc.  And don't feed it people food , or anything fatty,  they don't have the stomach for it and it can give them Pancreatitis, which can kill them. Last - you need to brush them daily or every other day or their hair matts up.    Good Luck and enjoy  !!

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