Why Does My Chihuahua Whine For No Reason? He's Gone To The Bathroom, He's Been Fed,


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My littlest Chihuahua would do that. Depending on where you live and the temperature in your home, your dog might be cooled. They need warmer temperatures than other dogs. I had to keep my house temp at 75 degrees for higher. The smaller the dog, the more likely this is to happen. Try wrapping him up in a blanket or a towel and hold him for awhile. See if this helps. If it does he will need a sweater to wear all the time and a place to lay down and keep warm. A fluffy pillow and a fleece throw work good. They really like to be with you. Holding them makes them very happy. And warm!
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Depending on how much you play with the dog and give attention to the dog...if that's not happening then that's probably it and/or the dog might be depressed or something similar to that. Or the dog could be experiencing a discomfort problem?
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Whining is a sign of anxiety. This could mean that you dog has excess energy and should be walk more to get rid of it. Walking is also one of the best ways to bond with you dog.
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Okay they whine for no reason hungry,attention,needs water, has to go potty, or just wants its owner to play with him
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My chihuahua has been whining for 4 days now and I don't know why. When I come home she whines until I pick her up and when I put her back down she whines again. And she stops when I play with her but when I stop she goes back to whining. And she would always play with this other dog until now. Now she plays with her for a little bite and then comes back over to me and whines until she is in my lap or I'm holding her. Is she hurt or do I need to spend more time with her

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