Why Does My Shih Tzu Urinate Frequently Even After He Already Has Gone?


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How frequently your dog is urinating? How much he is drinking water? What signs of illness he is showing? You have to mentioned these points in your question. Frequent urination in dogs can be due to many reasons that should be investigated by the vets. Following is a short list of factors causing frequent urination in dogs.

   1. Urinary tract infection, e.g.  Bladder, urethra, ureters and kidneys
   2. Kidney stones
   3. Symptom of canine heat cycle
   4. Endocrine disorder
   5. Kidney failure
   6. Liver failure
   7. Infection of uterus
   8. Pituitary gland problems

So, if your dog is drinking water more than normal and urinating frequently, then take him to vet for diagnosis and treatment.
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My shih tzu keeps peeing and pooing in our dining room.But she was a stray and is old about nine years.does she have a serious problem or is she forgetting not to pee or poo in the house.

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