My Chihuahua Just Had Puppies Today. They Are Premature And Weigh About 2-3 Ounces. She Had 3 And 2 Died Because I Was Didn't Know What To Do And Neither Did Anyone Else. There Is Still 1 Alive . What I Can Do So It'll Live?


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I've several chihuahuas. First of all, keep the puppy very warm. Not too hot. Wrap a hot water bottle or heating pad in a blanket then lay the puppy on it. Keep it in a box and try to have the mother feed it. If she's not willing to feed the puppy. Take some baby formula or 2% milk and warm it up just like you would for a baby. An eyedropper works great for these small dogs. Feed a few droppers every 2 hours or so. (Just keep thinking about a newborn baby and how to care for it. It's basically the same feeding pattern.) After feeding, if the mother's not doing it, take a piece of toilet paper and dap the butt and pee area because they can't "go" by themselves when they're this young. Good luck!
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Also, you can go to your local vet office and or pet store and purchase puppy milk that substitutes for the mothers milk. That way the pup can still get everything she needs from her mother just from you.Good Luck!!!

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