What Do We Get From Whales?


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Quite a lot to be honest; in fact we get meat, blubber and fuel from whales. That said do we really need to kill whales? Probably not, and this is why animal campaigners around the world see it as such a big issue.

Whales are an endangered animal and if we continue to kill them the way we are, they may well end up extinct. So why do people still kill them? Well in the extremely cold countries of the world such as Iceland, Antarctica and Northern Canada where very few species live and vegetation is sparse; whales provide a very useful source of food, heat and materials. The meat from a whale provides, obviously, a great deal of food; the blubber can be used as a fuel to provide warmth; the bones and teeth can be used for tools and construction. Whales form a very important part of Inuit (the indigenous Arctic inhabitants) life and without them survival would be much more difficult.

In most countries around the world, all of the products derived from whales can just as easily come from any number of other sources. We can use animals which are specifically bred for meat so as not to risk extinction; fuels can be sourced almost anywhere to some extent, for example wood; and building materials, again similar to fuels, can be made from almost anything. The fact that there is no need to hunt whales is a cause of great irritation to many people; they are already an endangered species and since they are not bred in captivity to be used for meat or blubber, they are even more at risk of extinction.
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A lot of things come from whales including some lipstick, tennis rackets, meat, corsets and much much more. Each whale is worth about £10,000! X
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At one time, whaling was quite an important industry. To most of us, the idea of hunting for whales must seem a little strange. What can we get from this huge creature that can be useful to us?

Well, the number of valuable products that Come from whales is amazing the blubber of the whale (an oil filled layer of tissue under the skin provides excellent oil. The oil is used for lighting in certain parts of the world and is often used in making soap.Many whales furnish good meat to eat. Fertilizer is made from their ground flesh and bones. From the sperm whale comes spermaceti, oil found in the cavity of the head. It is used in making ointments, candies, and cosmetics.

Also from the sperm whale comes ambergris, a very valuable substance produced by the intestine, which is used in making perfume. The teeth of the sperm whale and the tusk of the narwhal whale are both of valuable ivory. And the skin of the white whale is made into a kind of leather.

Did you know that all whales are mammals that have learned to live in the water? They are descended from mammals that once lived on land. In fact, they still have the bones of a five-fingered hand covered by the skin and flesh of their flippers. Some whales even have the bones of hind legs down in their flesh. But during the many thousands of years they have been living in the water, they have adapted themselves very well to this life.
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The term whale is uncertain: it can pass lying on to all cetaceans, to just the better ones, or sole to members of particular families contained by the order Cetacea. The last meaning is the one followed at this time. This can guide to some confusion because Orcas ("Killer Whales") and Pilot whales have "whale" in their first name, but they are dolphins for the purpose of categorization.

Conservationists are fretful that seismic testing used for oil and gas exploration may also damage the hearing and echolocation capabilities of whales. They also put onward that disturbances in attractive fields caused by the tough may also be accountable for beaching. Some species of great whales are endangered as a result of large-scale whaling throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. For centuries huge whales have been hunted for oil, meat, baleen and ambergris (a perfume component from the intestine of sperm whales). Environmentalists have extensive argued that a amount of cetaceans, as well as whales, are scarce by sonar used by highly developed navies.
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The  japanese slaughter whales wholesale knowing full well they are endangered yet they don't stop doing it and something needs to be done about it boycott japan
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People hunt whales for meat, oil, whalebone and ambergris, and for scientific research.
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Whales are killed for their meat & oil-wax present in their brain

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