How Do You Preserve Butterflies?


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Butterflies are easily the most beautiful insects in the world. If you intend to start a butterfly collection, you must make a note of some things regarding their preservation. Try to keep your dead butterflies away from sunlight. The sunlight will pale the colour on their wings. Always keep your butterflies dry. Water or moisture can form mold on their wings. Keep a mothball with your butterfly collection in order to ward off insects.

Do not touch the wings. The colours on the wings are made from tiny scales. When you touch the wings, the scales peel off and make the insect look ugly. Having said, the best way to really 'preserve' your butterfly is let them fly instead of keeping them dead in a box. Butterflies look good when they fly and twitter their wings around in a garden.
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I thought butterflies died after a short life span? Or am I confusing it with another type of insect that comes from a cocoon. I have a beautiful one on my deck and it seems like it's just barely hanging moves its wings but cannot fly.

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