Will whales soon become extinct if we keep on whaling?


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I saw something recently where someone was saying how we're so pretentious as a specie, because we actually discount natural selection and evolutionary processes as we know them and believe we should be saving however many endangered animals... Okay, so I see some basis for this belief, but I personally am an animal lover and am very much against seeing harm done to animals. I find great value in trying to save as many of them as we can, in helping our fellow man as well.

To answer your question, surely yes, certain species of whales may become extinct due to the harsh and unnecessary act of whaling... And a lot of people are risking life and limb to try to stop it as much as they can. Predictably, it's a very dangerous game. The pirates tend to play for keeps, as it were. However, I don't think we realistically have to worry about ALL species of whales going extinct in too short a time to come. Whether or not that comes to be the case, the unnecessary extinction (read, not to do with evolution or natural selection) is despicable and sad to it's very core.
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They sure will as many types are becoming extinct but no one seems interested in stopping the whaling except for the green wise activist groups

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