How Do Bunnies Mate?


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If you put a male and female rabbit together, they will at first just sit and sniff. If they like each other, they will move a bit closer, they almost always do this, usually this means they are "friends". Eventually, if this is their first time leave them alone without any one watching them, the male will climb on top of the female, sometimes on her head or back end. Then, he will start to "eat" some of the females fur. This part sometimes happens. Then the male will start to "hump" to female. If the female doesn't like this, she will "growl" at him, and/or turn around and pull his fur. This lets him know that she doesn't like this. And they will stop. If the female doesn't react, the male will keep going. The female, will eventually, just get up and walk away from the male. He will follow. She will then get on top of him. And "hump". This is just natural.
A rabbit's gestation period is 26-31 days. You will notice about the almost to last day of her pregnancy, she will start to pull out fur, and make a nest in her nesting box or a corner of her cage. Then within a week she will have the babies. Keep in mind that if this is her first litter, the babies have probably a 35% chance of living. DO NOT touch the babies for at least 3 days. Just look in on them everyday, just to check. The mother might eat a peanut, which is a bunny that is about 1/3 the size of the rest of the babies and does not grow. She might also eat a still born or one that has died. I suggest getting the deceased ones out so they do not spread germs to the live babies. The mother will learn how to take care of her babies, just as a human mother, through mistakes and glories. You may have to breed you rabbit a few times in order for her to have a baby that lives into adulthood. We currently have 4 babies, that are 10 days old tomorrow. This week they should start to open their eyes.
These are the stages of a baby rabbits life:
1. Birth-helpless, and squirmy
2. About 5 days old- wild and growing like a weed
3 About 6-8 days old- Becoming very furry and velvety
4 About 10-15 days old- Start to open their eyes and explore.
5 About 15-20 days old- Start to explore outside the nesting area, and "sampling" whatever they can get their mouths on. Including shirts, pant, etc
6 About 25-40 days old- Start to live on their own.
7 45-60 days old- start to find some good homes for your babies
8 60-90 days- Send to their good homes

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