How Do Werewolves Mate?


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Mary at  your service   :) Profile
When they are in human form they have sex like everyone else.
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Shelley Tucker answered
Well the mate like humans do but the werewolf females have heat or as you humans call it mating season.....and when that happens the female must mate 24/7.....and if she's lucky she will have puppies I hope that answers that for you  :)
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Anonymous answered
Just like humans do. Cept there's biting involed in a lot of tales, so the two mates can bond much like vampires do.
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Tristan chase answered
As wolves or humans
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Eleanor jones answered
They mate ,well, er, doggy fashion. Best part is they tie for 20 mins or so. Whooooo loverlerlyeee!
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Anonymous answered
Maybe like dogs or humans or both. Not sure.
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Anonymous answered
I agree ,do you think it would be kinda fun?I mean with a werewolf (hee hee hee) *sigh* I don't know.I am only a guest so thats what I think.
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Amelia Morse answered
Ok, people really. Vampires and Werewolves don't exist. Vampires are what I am pointing out. (hint hint). These questions should be for fun, not stupidity.

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