When And How Do Platypus' Mate?


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Duck billed platypus live in Australia and they mate in the Australian spring between the months of August and October. The first stage of the courtship involves chasing between the two partners. This may go on for an hour or more. The male follows the female as she swims about, watching her every move. When he gets tired of this he grasps the female's tail in his mouth and begins to swim in a circle.

This carries on until the female takes the male's tail into her mouth and the two animals swim round and round in a circle. This is the prelude to actual mating; the male moves over and grabs the female by the scruff of the neck – hardly romantic – but mating follows.

The entire courtship takes place in water and is a loud, splashy interlude. After mating, the pair swim around together for another hour before going their separate ways.
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The male grabs the females tail and drags him around so if you see a platypus and has a bald spot then it has been mating.

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