What Do Baby Rabbit Look Like?


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Baby rabbit is tiny, pink flesh and hairless. Its is a size of about 6cm. You'll see wrinkle of pink skin, 'transparent' with visible veins on it's stomach. It's eye is black, big and round and is covered by it's skin. Look just like black bean...  Tiny short tail curving in. It's ears are kinda like 'glued' to it's head. They snuggle when they sleep. And like to sleep in a corner.
In two days, you'll see colour showing on it's flesh. That is the fur 'colour'. Gradually, fur will start growing and you'll be able to see patches of colours. They 'bounce' and wriggle a lot when touched or sensed their mother's presence. In three days, you'll notice the ears 'pop' up but growing towards the back. Their eyes will be less black and less 'bulgy'. Their mouth starts to wiggle and show signs of teeth.. Tiny bugsy teeth. Very adorable as they wiggle their nose and with mouth slightly open to show their teeth when sleeping.
My baby rabbits are 4 days old and I am waiting to see other changes. The miracle of nature. Will update you soon as I watch them grow.. Can't wait to see them open their eyes.

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