How Long Will My Dog Live With Bone Cancer?


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Is your beloved furry child still with you?  

I do not know the answer and wonder this my lab has bone cancer in his front leg.  He was diagnosed 3 months ago...the way the disease is progressing (even with tons of anti-oxidants and vitamins and good foods...the tumor is much larger and he is starting to limp.  I am guessing if the rate keeps up...he will go without massive suffering perhaps another 1-2 months?  I will put him down when he no longer will use the leg-as that may indicate terrible pain.  He is on anti-inflammatory drugs currently to take care of the pain.  My vet told me that perhaps he had 4-6 months prior to suffering.

Best wishes.
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It is important for having a cancer either a dog, especially is bone one, so it is better you ask a veterinary surgeon who can give any information of cancer and how long does it can live actually?

I had a dog who had a cancer, then she just could live in a few months, she was my favorite one, when I think of her, I feel sad and memory of her clever and her behavior to me.

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