What Kind Of Behavior Matlipoo Breed Puppies Exhibit?


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Maltipoo breed puppies are hybrid breed puppies. They are resulted from the cross of poodle and maltese breed dogs. So as a hybrid breed, they exhibit the properties of their parents. Maltipoo breed puppy is considered under the toy group of the dog breed. Resulting from the nature of its parents, maltipoo breed puppy is very playful. It is also a very energetic breed. Maltipoo breed puppies are very friendly. However, they can be aggressive about their families. They are very protective to their families.

If the maltipoo breed is not properly trained or not properly socialized, they can bite if another animal or person intrudes into their territory. Maltipoo breed puppy is very socialized and tries to make his master always happy. Maltipoo breed puppy exhibit this property due to its parents, poodle and maltese breed. One more point to mention about this dog is if it is left unattended for a long period of time, it may behave destructive or may show other undsireable behaviour. Overall maltipoo breed puppy is a playful, social and energetic type of puppy with less imunity to the genetic diseases of its parents.

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