Can You Guide Me About The Care And Grooming Of Maltipoo Puppies?


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Maltipoo breed puppies are very less immune to the genetic diseases. This is due to the fact the mltipoo breed puppies are hybrid type of breed. Maltipoo breed puppies are born due to the cross of poodle breed and maltese breed of the dogs. However, the fact is there that maltipoo breed puppies are toy group of the dog breeds. It has double coat of hair. Due to the double coat, maltipoo breed puppies requires a big care.

Maltipoo breed puppies shed very little. Due to this fact, they are greatly hypoallergenic breed. Their full coat of hair should be trimmed regularly and this job should be done by a professional dog hair groomer. Regular brushing in the hair of maltipoo breed puppies is also required to keep coat clean and tangle free. Occational bath is also necessary for the maltipoo breed puppies as due to the hybrid breed it is not affraid of getting its paws dirty.

Maltipoo breed puppies does not require much place and can do well in the apartment life. However, occational walk or romp at the dog park is a good idea to keep your maltipoo breed puppies social otherwise maltipoo breed puppies can behave a little aggressive.

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