Do You Know The Strange Characteristics Of Snakes?


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Snakes are very mysterious animals that have different kinds of venom. they can eat their own species, they can also give birth to their child as (anaconda) and most of them lay eggs. their length varies from 10 cm to the 40 feet's.
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Snakes are a favorite topic for discussion among those who like discussing unique animals and their habits. Snakes, in fact, are the strangest creatures I have seen or heard of. I only happened to see snakes once and that too in a zoo. I admit they are a bit eerie but they make one wonder about the wonderful creations of God. No creature has ever been seen with such unique characteristics as that of the snake.

Photographers, of course, are attracted towards bizarre objects, and Snakes are a treat for Wildlife Photographers.Snakes are difficult to catch on the Camera. Firstly, because they are dangerous and can sense you by using their Heat and Vibration sensitive organs; Secondly, they are sometimes too fast to capture.

Snakes, as it is common knowledge, are Reptiles. They are cold-blooded animals. They also have another strange characteristic. Snakes have adapted themselves to almost all kinds of environments. We can find snakes in hot burning deserts, all kinds of forests and jungles, and even the Tundra. Poisonous snakes have two fangs with thin canals passing through them, which have their roots in two Venom Sacs hanging at the back of the fangs. Venom is injected to the prey through the Venom Sacks via the fangs.

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