What Are Snakes' Unique Habits?


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I found a 4 ft. Black snake in my yard in suburban wash.,d.c. Should I anticipate finding more snakes,do they travel together,where do the sleep,do the return to the same area or move on?thankyou.
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Snakes have unique habits, and an even unique appearance. Snakes are the only legless land creatures except some kinds of legless Lizards. Snakes move by the flexing movement of their muscles. The muscles of the whole body are used in making these flexing movements.

Snakes are famous as dangerous creatures, but what people do not understand is that there is only one specie of snakes out of three that's poisonous. Snakes have been said to have excellent olfactory sense. They can smell things from meters away. Snakes also have a perfect sense of Vibration. Snakes can sense vibrations of a person or animal coming towards it. It is also said that snakes can sense the number of people or animals approaching.

Snakes have another strange sense too; they have Jacobson's organs at the head near the nose. Using their Jacobson's organs, snakes can sense living objects through the heat emitted by their bodies; something heard up till now only in Science-fiction stories.
It is because of the strange and unique habits and characteristics of snakes that they have become an infamous but important part of a photographer's gallery.
Snakes live at almost all kinds of places, in forests, in swamps, in deserts.

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