What Do You Know About Poisonous Snakes?


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There are more than 2000 species or kinds of snakes. The poisonous snakes posses poison fangs, which are hollow teeth and with an opening at the tip. These poison conducting teeth, or fangs are in the upper jaw and connect with poison glands in the head. A poison snake can not be made permanently harmless by the removal of its fangs, because new fangs will be grown. Snakes with poison fangs usually inject the poison into their prey to kill it or make it unconscious before it is eaten.

In the United States there are four types of poisonous snakes beside 120 species of non-poisonous snakes. The four types of poisonous snakes are coral snake, of the cobra family. Others are the rattle snake, the copperhead and the water moccasin. They are all belonged to pit viper family. About 600 snakes are poisonous but only a quarter of these have a bite fatal to man. Vipers are the only poisonous snakes in Europe. Britain has four types of snakes and among them only the adder is poisonous. The viper of south-east Asia is one of the mysterious snakes which have very effective venom.

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