What Are The Physical Attributes Of Snakes?


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Snakes have very unique physical characteristics and habits. There are many people who are afraid of snakes, even though only a third of the species are poisonous. Snakes lay eggs. Some snakes eat their young ones as soon as they hatch. It sounds brutal, but it is estimated that if snakes do not eat most of their young, the world will be filled with snakes in no time.

The eyes of snakes are covered with a transparent membrane called Spectacle. The Spectacle covers and protects the snake's eye. This eliminates the snake's need to blink. So, the snake does not blink its eyes, which are immovable to a great extent. This makes the snake appear to be staring, causing a horrifying effect to the onlookers.

In old times, talking to snakes was considered a trait of the Devil. Snakes are of many kinds. Most poisonous species kill their prey by poison, while a few, like Anaconda and Python crush their prey to death. It is also said that the Anaconda expels its prey's digested carcass through its mouth.

Snakes, spooky though, are beautiful and unique creations of nature and special attractions for photographers and artists. Snakes are found in all kinds of habitats. Their strange habits and queer looks make them favorites among those who like taking good pictures.

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