What Is The Food Web For Th Giant Panda?


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I've been wondering the same thing! I've looked at all of these sites and they don't have an exact food web, Its insane.

I had to make my own, so what I did was this:

1. Man (poachers)
2. Jackal and leopard (eat baby pandas)
3. Giant Panda
4. Bamboo and small mammals

I don't know exactly what small mammals, but heaps of sites have said that they eat them whenever available. You'd obviously do the Bamboo on the same branch as the them but make the bamboo look more 'significant'? Because its the pandas main food etc. You could put in fish and some fruits, but theres nothing definite about what pandas eat beside bamboo.

People say that Giant Pandas don't have predators, but they do; Jackals and leopards eat baby panda AND Poacher hunt them for their fur and stuff to sell on the black market.

I hope this helps! I can understand the frustration. Lol

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Thank u so much!!!! This does help
c, it's like 12:39 pm and this is due in the morning during science class!!
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The giant panda's food web is not on any sites but I have a pretty good idea that for the 1st level consumer "Plants" you can out Bamboo obviously and grass maybe.

Then 2nd level consumers you can put whatever eats bamboo or grass you would put becaus ethey are herbivours.

The rest I am sorry but I have no idea but I am in year 7 and we are just learning it so I am a big help for the stuff I have written!

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