What Ways Can I Treat Hematoma In Dog. Has Had Surgical Removal And Draining And Still Comes Back.


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Jay Cooper answered
I am experiencing the same thing with a lump cut out of my puppies head two weeks ago. I was told it was the best thing to do but I wish I'd have left it alone. It looked better before the surgery and now she has a massive scare that keeps splitting from the pressure of the swelling.
I read that the area should be held down so that the skin can meet skin in order for the body to repair without trying to fill the gap. They also said that it would heal anyway after several weeks. Problem is - my puppy has so much energy and needs to go out to paly and can't now because the wound keeps opening up when she plays. She has a bucket on now so she can't scratch it. I don't know why they didn't bandage it up after surgery so that it wouldn't swell. I have to go back again soon and will ask them to do it. Might be difficult to bandage around the head I guess??
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I have left a question about this in your shout box. My experience is with haematomas in dogs ears, but this may not be relevant to your problem.

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