My Cat's Rear Hind Foot Is Swollen. How Can I Treat This At Home?


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This could be due to infection, the presence of a foreign body, a tumour, a cyst, trauma, or general inflammation.  I would not recommend treatment at home.  The area needs to be clipped and closely examined by a veterinarian.  If bony involvement is suspected xrays should be taken.  If infection is suspected, antibiotics are needed for treatment, and pain medication may be indicated.  If cancer is suspected, samples will need to be taken for diagnosis.
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Thank you for the advice. Trouble always finds this little guy. He's indoor / outdoor and we do seek treatment from a veterinarian when he has an injury. I just thought I'd ask so he doesn't have to make that trip. Thank you..
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My cat has a swollen,tender hind paw but has appetite. Have kept him inside but he is getting restless. He keeps wt off that foot. No blood or open wound noted. What can I do;can't afford vet.?

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