Where Can I Find Pictures Of Florida Snakes?


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Snakes in Florida can be categorized in the following terms:
1. Venomous
2. Backyard
These snakes are found in the main area where every resident becomes keen to learn and discover the lifestyle, eating habits and many more. There are number of snakes found at florida. It is always easy to look up for picture in search engines such as Googles Image search. However the list ogf detailed search engines are provided below:

1. Googgle images search
2. Fagan finder
3. Alta vista
4. Stock photography
5. Search engine
6. Search 22
7. Pixsy

In these sites you will need to search further by typing Florida snakes. Never the less the links that display the pictures of Florida snakes are as below:
1. www.flmnh.ufl.edu/herpetology/FL-GUIDE/Venomsnk.htm - 31k -
2. www.floridabackyardsnakes.com/ - 11k
3. www.southalley.com/snakes.html - 28k
4. www.floridasnakes.net/ - 10k
5. myfwc.com/viewing/species/snakes.html - 9k
6. www.floridaconservation.org/Viewing/species/snakesv.html - 21k -
As you search just copy the link in your address bar and continue to have fun.
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The snake is shinny black with a orange ring around the neck and not more than 10 inches long, what kind of snake is it?

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