Black Snake With White Stripes In Arizona, 3' Long. Is This Poisonous? Is There A Site W/ Pictures To Help Identify What This Snake Is?


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Sounds like what you have is a common King Snake or California King Snake (see pic)... They are harmless, and often feed on other snakes including rattlesnakes, hence getting the name King.  This is safe although being a black and white striped snake makes it look more dangerous to humans than it is.

What are some other Dangerous snakes in Arizona?
The only poisonous snakes you might run into in AZ are rattlers, sidewinders (which are basically rattlesnakes that move sideways), or the Arizona coral snake (red, yellow and black bands; red and yellow bands touching.)  All other snakes are harmless... And all are beneficial to humans and the ecosystem.

How do you tell if a snake is dangerous?
Although there are exceptions to every rule, the following are true of most poisonous snakes.

  • Normally have a triangular shaped head as opposed to a spoon shaped head
  • Have elliptical/slit eyes (The Coral Snake is an exception to this)
  • They have a dip between their eyes and their nostrils.
This black and white snake can also be spotted in California and Ohio.
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Black snake with circular white stripes
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It is not poison you can tell by the color

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