I Saw A Black Snake With Gold-yellow Stripes, What Is It? I Live In Ohio


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Chances are, this is a Garter snake. This kind of snake is a Colubrid snake genus (or 'Thamnophis'). They are actually rather common across the North America area, and have been reported to have been found in places including Canada and Alaska. They even stretch across to Central America, so given your location it makes perfect sense to suggest that the snake you saw with gold-yellow stripes was indeed a Garter snake. The snake is the single-most commonly and widely distributed of reptile found within North America.

An interesting fact about this snake is that it's actually the state reptile of Massachusetts. There isn't exactly a real consensus of the species of Thamnophis. There is disagreement amongst taxonomists in the United States and sources, including field guides. The disagreement is over the two kinds of snakes that exist and whether they are a separate species, or simply a subspecies of the same species. The Garter snake is of course at the heart of this debate.

Garter snakes are very closes related to the snake genus of Nerodia, too. Some species have been moved back and forth between genera, too.

The common Garter snake is the only species of snake that is found in Alaska. It is one of the northernmost species of snake in the whole world. It is probably second to the Crossed Viper. The genus in question is so far ranging because of the unparticular diet of the snake, and the ability to adapt to different landforms and biomes, that have varying proximity to water. Though, in the western parts of North America, these snakes are more water loving than those in the eastern portion. For more information about the Garter snake then visit the Wikipedia article found by searching for 'Garter snake'.
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I'm tryin to figure that out myself...I've killed 2 in my yard, one was jus this morning while came from under my house so I ran over it with the push mower! Lol   The first one I saw I played with until I noticed it had a triangle head and got a fang caught in my grill scrapper.

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