What Kind Of Snake Is Black With A White Stripe Down Its Back?


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The most common snake to be linked with your description is the Californian Kingsnake - a nonvenomous snake found in the western US and parts of Mexico. It is a very popular snake for hobbyist keepers.

Anthropologists, and more specifically herpetologists, currently recognise there are around 2,900 different species of snake in the world. These are divided into 456 genera and then 15 different families, with each one at least subtly different from the last. With that many species, it is very difficult to identify a snake without knowing a lot more about its physical appearance and the location it was found - its range. The key identifiers for a snake are its back pattern, its belly pattern, the colour of its top and bottom, and the shape of its anal plate, the keel of its scales, or how tightly knitted they are. If you have this information, your task will be much easier.

There is an online snake identification tool located atwww.discoverlife.org/20/q?guide=Snakes which will accept inputs for each of the key identifiers listed here, and based on your responses, the tool will come up with a list of snakes, from which you can access photographs so you can dirtily recognise them, and a few paragraphs of information about their range, temperament, and anything else that has been learned about them by modern science. You other choice is to visit a zoo or reptile house and speak to their resident herpetologist, who should be able to help you identify your snake and may even have a real life specimen to introduce you to!
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It's a king snake. They eat all the other snakes. That's why they are the "king" snakes. Also, they are good to have as pets, if you want a snake.
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Black   with white stripe in garden with Desert turtle...Is turtile safe in this large inclosed area..Snake can crawl through fence...
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It sounds like a garter snake.  They are harmless and good for the garden.
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THE ONLY Snake with Black and White stripes is a Sea Snake!
Not those others!
Their are Snakes with those colors, BUT NOT ONLY those two colors in stripes!

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