How Can I Get My Dog To Use The Bathroom Outside?


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Taking the dog out daily is a good start and putting a word to it is even better,but if you observe your pet they will do things that will let you know they need to go,say for instance turning in a circle in the same spot,or sniffing certain places where they have gone before,cleaning the area very good with certain cleaners will stop them from going again inside and to make this happen you need to wash away the old scents completely,I'd start by saying outside,and taking the dog out every hour or so and when your pet finally goes put a name to it and tell it good boy or good girl,and continue the training,until it registers that this is the way its done.
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Thanks so much. The only thing is iam gone during the day and want return until about 5pm. The dog will be home alone. I am going to let the dog out in the morning. Will the dog be ok like that all day without using the bathroom
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Crate training works wonders. They tend to not want to go in their beds, so make their area just large enough for their bed. It's easy to control taking them out to potty then. Also, don't free feed and water. What goes in must come out. So limit the intake and you limit the outflow. 2 descent meals a day is plenty. They must also go out to potty after eating, playing and sleeping.
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take him outside on a regular basis and walk him/she,especially when it eats. It may be to cold depending on where you live, but I would suggest also that you let your dog sleep outside during the day so that it can get used to the outside world and enjoy some of the things mother nature has to offer.
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Just walk around for a long time until he goes a few times it works for my dog because I had the same problem GOOD LUCK! P.s you can also put him outside by a tree that also works

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