My dog ripped her dew claw out on some furniture and now it seems to be infected. It is swollen and oozing blood and pus. Is there anything i can do at home? I am already treating one dog for cancer and really cant afford anymore vet visits. Thanks!


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Now that it's infected you are going to need the vet. This shouldn't be too major financially as long as you get it taken care of soon. If you try to take care of it from home your pup could go septic and that is a lot more expensive than just having your vet take a look, go over what you need to be doing at home and the appropriate antibiotics.
Putting off the vet and trying to take care of it home and without their advice could cost you a lot more than going sooner. You can also mention finances to them to see if they are able to help you out in any way as well and the worst that can happen is that they can't.  I hope both your babies are feeling better soon.
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Jenessa,The problem with not getting medical vet. Attention is that an untreated infection, apart from being painful for the dog, will lead to even more problems, pain, distress and money. So please try to cut out some other unnecessary expense and see the vet to get it treated now. It really is important. Vets will let you pay so much weekly if you are struggling. Make an arrangement with them now please and you and your dog will feel better.
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I appreciate the answer but is there nothing I can even try from home first? Obviously a vet is the best choice, but if I can avoid the expense on this little issue, I can afford more cancer treatments for my other pet.
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Jenessa, Your dog needs antibiotic treatment to kill off the bacteria that is causing the infection. I appreciate what u say about your other pet but this pet needs a vet right now very quickly. Please ask to make an arrengement to pay your bill weekly. Alternatively is it possible that an animal rescue would help you if u are on benefits. Please your dog needs seeing to. It will be in a lot of pain.
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Jenessa, Just wondering how your dog is bless her.

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