I Think My Beagle Has A Problem With Her Anal Glands?


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You have not pointed out what anal gland problems your dog is having? If your dog has swelling in the anus then it can be anal sac disease. Anal sacs are actually anal glands which are expressed during defecation. Sometimes swelling in these glands due to infection abscess, impaction, and tumors can cause swelling in these glands. Diagnosis is by physical and rectal examinations and blood tests. Antibiotics are used for bacterial infections and in case of no infection,  only expressing the anal glands is sufficient.  Tumors are treated by removal of affected anal gland.

Another possibility is rectal prolapse in which rectal tissues protrudes through anus. Its etiology is not known but it is gastrointestinal parasites can contribute in the development of this disorder. Rectal prolapse requires immediate treatment. Whatever may the situation, you should take your dog to vet for proper diagnosis and required treatment.

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