What Kind Of Snake Is Thin Black With Red Diamonds?


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From the description 'thin black with red diamonds', the snake is likely to be one of two breeds. It could either be the red-bellied black snake or the mud snake. However, these are only estimated guesses; to find out further information you may need to consult a wildlife expert. If you are coming across this snake in your local environment, do not approach it - the snake may attempt to harm you. Snakes that seem to have taken up residence near your home can be removed in most cases by a pest control agency. Whilst in most cases this is not a necessary cause of action, it is highly recommended if you keep livestock.

• The red-bellied black snake

The red-bellied black snake is found most widely in eastern Australia, and is indeed harmful. Although its bite is rarely lethal, it can cause significant bodily harm and discomfort. Any snake identified as a red-bellied snake should be approached only by a professional. With an average length of 1.75m, coming across the snake can be scary. You should not approach the snake, or attempt to engage it in any way; it will only attack if it considers you to be a threat. Red-bellied black snakes are common in woodlands as well as urban areas throughout eastern Australia.

• The mud snake

The mud snake, on the other hand, is a non-venomous snake found in the southeastern areas of the United States of America. The snake is thin with an average length of 1.2 meters. It tends to live near lakes or swamps and have a diet of aquatic, amphibious small creatures such as frogs and fish. Although the snake is unlikely to harm a human in any way, caution is still required when dealing with the snake and it should not be approached or touched.

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