Is It Better To Have One Male Dog And One Female?


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There are some factors there. Some breeds/dogs it is not recommended to have same sex at all, ever. Some breeds/dog's it's not a good idea to try and bring in another dog at all after a certain point. If your dog is dog aggressive or similar temperament you have a better chance bringing home a puppy of the opposite sex. If none of the above it doesn't really matter. So the details of the situation (breed,age,sex, history, family details ect.) would be needed to give a more accurate answer to each specific circumstance. There is almost always an adjustment period though even if they will end up being fine of usually about 2 to 4 weeks where they figure out pack placement or an older dog teaches a puppy their rules and things like that. And of course spaying and neutering is best for health and behavior and also helps cut back on aggression.
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To Bgirl525:
You obviously don't have any "real" experience with dogs.  Here you are referring to the Doberman Pincher.  These dogs are known to be hyperactive and have puppy-like traits that remain, in this breed,  for a good long time.  The Doberman takes patience and constant teaching.  In most cases you will find that males sometimes become more territorial and much more vocal (barking/growling) than females.  However, where protection and problem solving are concerned...sometimes the females have the upper-hand.  After all, it is the female that has the puppies; you will find mother-like instincts are quite present there.
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From my experience with dogs I would never own another female as it takes to long to get the playfulness out of her, it took longer to train her even taking her to school everything was fun and this was a female doberman, and her actions just turned me off from female dogs, the trainer said that females are in that play mode longer than a male, a male will get right down to business, all females may not be that way but I will not own another female....the best to you

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