Do I Use Human Piriton For My Dog?


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You don't. Things like that are not prescribed by veterinarians for dogs. You need to consult your veterinarian. If your dog has already been diagnosed with allergies by your veterinarian they can probably tell you what you can do and very importantly the dosage by just calling them. Only your vet can tell you the correct dosage on anything and whether or not it's safe for your individual pet or you are taking a risk with their life (and a very large vet bill trying to save them). If your dog has not been diagnosed with allergies then you should see them to be sure the problem is allergies and you are treating the correct problem and that your pup does not actually need antibiotics. Our allergies and dog allergies usually show in very different ways so many people will assume it's allergies when their pup is actually ill and needs treatment with antibiotics to get better or there may be an underlying problem like possibly with the heart or trachea or esophagus that needs something other than treatment for allergies.
The most effective way to help curb allergies and cut back on the Children's Benadryl and antibiotics since they often help the symptoms but do nothing for the allergies themselves as the cause still exists (and then may only need to be used if it's from something like weather or actual infections not caused by allergies) is to feed a high quality food. Your dog is much better off on a 5 or 6 star food (check the analysis page) than anything else. The lower the rating the higher the vet bills usually and some would go below 1 if they could (and which ones they are might surprise you). :-) Most dogs are horribly allergic to the things in most commercial foods like chemicals (things like ethoxoquin), preservatives, fillers (makes them feel full but they don't really get the nutrition out of it and therefore need to eat more and you know what means, more p**, and some other things you should probably know about which is just plain horrifying) and corn.
Diet is a major factor in the health of your dog and has many benefits to us as well as them. Not many people are aware how allergic their dogs are to their FOOD. Fewer vet bills (and you save plenty on the ear infections and skin problems and other allergy signs for sure), they are much healthier, they actually LOOK better (there is a definant difference in the appearance and coat of a dog on a high quality diet), less shedding, fewer stools, longer life, and peace of mind are a few of the benefits of feeding a higher quality food. Some of the most well known names that people THINK are quality (thanks to all the advertising) can be some of the worst for your pet. No matter what a quality diet always helps (we checked but haven't had to worry about a recall yet either).
It is not a quick fix and works from the inside out so usually by the end of the switch (slowly anytime but higher quality foods are usually a little richer unless for particular problems or sensitive stomach since they actually contain food and all) to a medium size to large bag of food is when you really see a difference. Take a before and after picture :-). I feed Innova. Here's a great site with information, reviews, and ratings of many foods so you can find one you like that may be near you and some basic information on commercial foods that you might not know and may very well surprise (who) and even horrify you. Reading the reviews on the analysis page can also explain a lot. Hope your pup is feeling better soon.
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You certainly do, after spedning thousands on so called tests & medicines my vet finally suggested Piriton and it works, medicine is tested on animals, they only want your money and make you believe the above, nonsense.

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