Can I Use Remicin Ointment Given For My Dog's Ear Infection For My Cat's Ear?


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Can Remicin ointment for dogs be given to cats?

Yes, although Remicin ointment is designed to be used for dogs, many vets prescribe the medication for cats as well.

Giving your cat Remicin ointment will not have any side-effects or cause any problems with your pet.

The reason that there isn't a Remicin treatment for cats is because ear infections are more rare in cats than they are in dogs.

However, when cats do get ear infections, these tend to be more serious.

Usually, an ear infection in a cat is attributed to mites, which cause about half of all cases. If the culprits are not mites, though, then there could be a whole host of other reasons why your cat has an ear infection.

If mites haven't caused the infection, then the ear infection may be as a result of one of the following:

  • Too much yeast or bacteria in the ear.
  • Wax in the ear canal.
  • Thick hair in the ear canal.
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Autoimmune conditions.
  • Tumours within the ear canal.
  • Ruptured eardrum.
  • Not keeping the ear clean.
  • Foreign bodies.
  • Irritants.
  • Diabetes.
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I visited my vet recently due to a severe ear infection in one of our cats. Instead of giving me an ointment for cats, she gave me Remicin for dogs. I've been following the prescribed direction for 4 days so far and it's nearly cleared up now.

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