Found A Stray Kitten, Dragging Her Hind Legs. Can't Urinate On Her Own. Has Great Appetite And Is A Sweetie. Should I Euthanize Her Or Keep Her? I Am Willing To Take Care Of Her... But Is That Selfish?


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Anonymous answered
Take her to a vet to see what they advise. Good luck.
Stewart Pinkerton Profile
Consider what the quality of it's life will be if you do not have it humanely put to sleep. It will always be crippled and dependent.
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tracy deines answered
Take her to the vet ASAP, maybe she can be saved and if not at least you tried and she won't suffer. God bless you:)
Richard Bellemare Profile
It there anything you can do to help its legs? Have you brought it to a vet?

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